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My Artist Journey



My attraction to the ancient  and natural world inspires me.  Stories ingrained in objects have lead me to a lifetime of exploration in the traditional skills used in a broad range of the arts.  For me the link between the arts to history, humanity, and earth and nature are limitless in what we can explore and learn of the mystery and awe in this life.  It is a beautiful and sometimes very difficult journey.   The process of art can help to repair the soul.


From a young age I have been exploring and developing a variety of skills that have lead me down the path of restoration and art making.  Formally, I received a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Ceramics from CU Boulder in 1999 where I also explored photography, painting, woodworking as well as jewelry-making.  Informally, I have studied various forms of Nature, dance and movement of life, traveled to foreign countries, dug on archaeological sites, explored and studied both formally and personally in search of knowledge of many sorts including that of the mind and soul.  I'm blessed for the many teachers I have encountered along the way and the many that shall come. 


I'm grateful for teaching ceramics at The Art students League of Denver since 2001 where I have learned so much from students, visiting artists and so may other faculty artists.  Additionally, for the many years of working as a Restoration Specialist at a custom high end frame shop while developing more skill to continue this work on my own. 

I have been so fortunate to work using my skills in the arts including, collaborating with artists on large city art installations, building restorations, in galleries, and my personal development as a human and artist.  I'm honored to have worked on some exquisite collections from museums, universities and private clients around the country.  


I am blessed to be on the path of an artist

Sincerely, Cathy




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